About Me

With 8 years of experience in the field of fitness, Janki Rana, an ACSM Certified Sports Nutritionist & NESTA Certified Nutritionist, has worked significantly in shaping a confident relationship between food and health alongside fitness. She has an MSc in Dietetics and works with scientifically backed methods and ideologies to help strengthen her clients’ fitness goals by means of sustainable diet plans and exercise routines.
An Anti-Starvation Coach, Janki believes in the mantra that proper nutrition and exercise for your body works a long way as opposed to fad diets, fat burners and weight / fat loss pills. Janki is now on a mission to help her clients choose the correct path on their fitness journey. She advocates that diet does not necessarily mean starving. In fact, diet simply means balancing out your portions and intakes with respect to proteins, carbs and fats.
Ms Rana was recently featured under TOI’s health column dedicated to her personal fitness transformation where she lost 20kgs in total and got back from her heaviest 82kgs to a slimmer and happier version of herself.
A personalized approach towards assisting you with your fitness goals is what Janki aims at. She says, there is no one-size fits all and hence customizing and tailoring a person’s fitness routine as well as diet plan is significant in bringing out a change in them. Secondly, mindful eating and exercising helps reduce anxiety around food, let’s you lose weight, helps you eat proportionally, and activates your happy hormones whilst achieving the right level of health and energy your body requires.
Over the years, Janki has helped 1000s of clients online and offline achieve their fitness goals successfully. She says she understands the mindset of those seeking help with their fitness journey as she had the opportunity to go through a transformational change by herself. She is here to help you find the right path to a happier and healthier you.