Tailored Diet plans

In today’s world, it is very difficult to find someone who is knowledgeable, expert in their field, dynamic and trustworthy. Janki ticked all these points for me. I approached her in April when I saw her client testimonies and fitness posts on Instagram. My main aim was to lose fat (Janki insisted that we should be focusing on building muscle at the same time too). I had a very steady and healthy weight loss for the 4 months that I worked with Janki. The main things that I loved about her approach were:

1. She really tailors your meal plans according to your eating habits, your daily routine, and makes sure that you have a balanced diet with all your macros and micros while having your sweets and pizzas.

2. The workout plan that accompanies the diet plan is also very realistic. You will gradually feel that your stamina increases, and you are becoming stronger day by day...3. She is a great listener and will never impose her views. Whatever you feel like eating, you can tell her. Whatever doubts you have related to diet, food, myths, etc. she will always answer your queries (backed with scientific findings)
4. I have lost close to 12 lbs and inches overall. She has also taught me that this really does not matter. Ultimately you must see how to fit your look and feel on a daily basis. Overall, I feel so good about myself. She has changed my lifestyle when it comes to food and staying active. I feel great and confident when I am wearing the outfits I have always wished for; at the same time, I have become much stronger. I have made the utmost use of my quarantine time!

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