Eat Your Carbs

So finally my transformation post!!
My journey started with PCOD issues, high thyroid levels, depression for many reasons, an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy food habits, lack of confidence, less knowledge about fitness and nutrition, etc..
Was facing problem in continuing any diet plan as a result of which was suffering from many health issues.
But then, when I got enrolled under Janki, everything started changing. She continuously educated me about sustainable and flexible dieting (by bursting many myths) and made dieting very easy for a person like me, who is busy all the time and hardly get time to cook separately for herself. She motivated me tremendously and made me believe in myself that I can actually do it. She answered and solved all my queries by staying there for me 24*7. She made me believe that nothing can actually stop you from achieving your goal, may whatever circumstances come your way if you are determined enough.
There were so many ups and downs in my journey but I still managed to stay on track.
And now my PCOD and thyroid levels are back to normal, I feel so light and energetic..
The only thing which has gone up is the level of self-confidence!
This journey from 81kg to 70kg was incredible.
Well, this is just a beginning. Working hard and getting stronger each day.
Can’t thank Janki enough for teaching me so many things about nutrition and healthy lifestyle
Love you! Stay blessed!

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