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Hi, Janki my mentor motivated in my Weight loss journey especially when I was stuck with my weight.

Never consider exercising and clean eating as just phase of life or do it for few months and leave and complain that I lost Weight when I was gyming and gained all post leaving gym make it as a lifestyle for a healthy life, set a standing example for people who speak about you in front and behind you. Action speaks more than words.

I have lost Weight before meeting Janki in healthy way no fad diets and doing exercises..once I met Janki I got to know what the balanced diet looks like..calculating macros…what to eat and how much to eat if something goes in excess how to manage the remaining meals and lost around 5 kilos in around 1.5 months..from 72-67 dream was to see 69 which I could see only after following the diet prepared by this lovely lady who is so down to earth anytime ready to help..have a lot of patience to answer all our silly queries and plan food in such a way that it’s easy to manage home and cook the same for all members at home..I am grateful that I met such amazing person in my life and learned a lot about healthy lifestyle healthy eating with portion control .thanks a lot from the bottom of my ? ..God bless u with loads of health and happiness.

Loads of love to u my dear

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