Lost Fat,Gained Health!

I am going through a diet plan! Well, I myself cannot believe that. Introducing
Janki Rana, my fitness expert/coach cum friend/mentor. Met her at a pharmacy, maybe at the right time when I was going through some health issues. The only thing that she did at that time was giving me her contact card. Expect the unexpected! Never thought she would be mentoring me to get into a better space healthwise. Being a hardcore nonvegetarian, and having a completely upside down schedule, initially, I was not sure whether I should opt for this journey or she would be able to help me know my personal food preferences. But, keeping all my likes and dislikes in mind she made the perfect diet plan for me. The plan was flexible as well which allowed me to change a few stuff as per my choices. She has great fitness knowledge which she made sure was conveyed to me from time to time when needed. Well, some cheats here and there are fine but her mentoring has given a new dimension to my lifestyle. I no more skip workout sessions. Finally, my gym membership is being sufficiently used up.
I remember her saying this to me many times – You know what, I always like to work with you because your choices are limited and always want protein and protein. Chicken freak! For all those who opt for Janki’s Fitness plan, make sure you follow her instructions and convey all the hurdles that may come in between to her so that she can fix them. I always keep on bugging her, I did this, I did that or even if I cheated on my diet plan, make sure everything is conveyed to her.
Lucky to have signed up for your fitness program and happieeee to have you as my fitness coach. Thank you and this is not the end, I am still counting…but in reverse order

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