Planning Works

Hectic schedule making you compromise your health?

Well, we all have the same 24 hours and getting healthy isn’t about having the time. It’s about making the time for your goals

In her own words:

This journey started less than a month ago….

I know Janki since school days, in fact, I have witnessed her transformation. She’s passionate about what she does and that shows in her work. She motivates me and all her friends around. She not only motivated me to start this healthy journey but also helped me overcome myths surrounding fitness and food. Having a job in hotel management, it’s difficult to follow a diet and workout but she guided me and gave me a simple workout and diet plan. If you have a will, you’ll definitely find a way to achieve your fitness goals, that’s what she always tells me.

And I’m happy to have worked on my weight loss goals under her guidance not because I know her since the beginning but she has her positive attitude which makes me want to work hard and stay dedicated to my goals. It is easy to make a physical change but she will help you acquire a positive attitude towards food and exercise which is the best part!