A Healthier You!

Dear Janki,

My name is Sankarakrishnan, am 38yrs. From past 20 years am doing exercises. I didn't know how to follow proper food intake to build muscle and be healthy. I struggled very much to build muscle. My sister introduced Janki to me. Then I came to know about her as a dietician.

I would have to thank Janki for my awesome transformation. She is a very good fitness expert coach and good friend in my personal experience. Her diet has helped me lot in shredding with gaining muscle and fat loss, without any tiredness in the body. I lifting heavy weights than before. I feel very light and active. I can easily feel the difference overall with the diet program. This can't be achieved without her guidance and motivation. She made the perfect diet plan for me. The plan was flexible as well which allowed me to change a few stuff as per my choices. She has great fitness knowledge which she made sure was conveyed to me from time to time when needed. Very lucky to have her as my personal fitness coach. Once again A big Thanks to her...

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