Weight Loss

My journey from 84 -72.5kg in 6 months taught me not only weight loss but also about fat loss and inch loss.

Janki being my fitness expert was also my friend, my mentor, my inspiration too and sometimes my angry teacher who scolded me when I got distracted but in her anger, there was care for me as she cared for my health.

She made the way of seeing diet as I thought it would be about starving but no she changed my perception by planning flexible diet plans.

My mom struggled to send me to the kitchen but by Janki’s motivation, I cooked too.

She is a true mentor.

I couldn’t believe on the 1st day when I saw the plan that I had to eat cheese, ghee, paneer, rice but after following her instructions I realised it was working like magic. I was seeing more inch loss n fat loss. Before I had done a diet and had reached 69kgs but I was not as lean as I am now on 72 kgs boos there is a huge difference between muscle loss n fat loss. With Janki, I lost more fat and gained more muscle.

Thank you, Janki you are wonder woman and my inspiration. After meeting you I have a lot positive changes not only in weight but also looking at the way to do weight loss with a lot of positivity!