Should I workout during “THAT” time of the month?

I think the workout is the last thing you would want to do during that time of the month. For obvious reasons like – Cramps, irritability, bloating to name a few. There has to be a way out of this.

The answer is in the question itself…

YES! You can and should workout during that time of the month for the following reasons:

Workout releases endorphins. Now, what are endorphins? Endorphins are chemicals which are released during exercise. They interact with the brain and reduce the perception of pain. In simple term – these act like painkillers.
So workout and Say BYE to those annoying cramps!
These endorphins also help to overcome mood swings. It is the best cure for PMS.
During the menstruation phase, your body temperature is lower than normal which helps you store more body heat and you could easily stand the hot climate.
During this period, your hormone (estrogen and progesterone) level goes down so you can easily use your glycogen storage as fuel.
Exercise helps to get rid of bloating for obvious reasons.
BUT if you still not feeling good, you can always skip a workout . Do not drag yourself. It is alright to take a day off for yourself. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!
Have iron supplements, multivitamins , magnesium supplements as there is loss of these during menstruation. Most important – Stay Hydrated!

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