Successfully Transformed!!

I heard about Janki through my sister, who initially trained with her in 2019. Having seen my sister's progress, I decided to hire Janki as my nutritionist, and I'm so glad I made that decision

I started training with Janki around April 2020 with a 3-month plan focused on weight loss. I was around 131 Lbs then. As I followed her diet and workouts, I started shedding off the extra pounds and inches, I gained more stamina and overall mental satisfaction. Her plans were totally focused on my dietary needs and hence, never felt like I'm on a diet. I was so happy with my progress, that I continued my plan with Janki for 3 more months, this time focused on strength training.

I touched around 115 Lbs by the end of the plan. Along with weight loss, I've also seen great improvement in my stamina, much clearer skin and regular period cycles and a stronger body overall. Following Janki's plans have made my body sustainable for the long run, and the weight loss is not temporary.

I'd definitely recommend Janki to all those looking to build a healthy physical and mental lifestyle.


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